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AV Update

Just a quick update on the referendum. Firstly, impressed to see the No campaign has taken out adverts on the UK polling report website. Secondly, the polls are now showing  the No campaign in the lead, suggesting we’ll be sticking … Continue reading

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Royal Wedding Blues

The Guardian has some interesting poll data relating to the upcoming royal nuptials later this week. Among the headlines are the discovery that 63% of respondents thought the country would be worse off if the monarchy was abolished, and 67% … Continue reading

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No-one cares what you think about AV

There’s an interesting discussion in this week’s Bagehot about the rival campaigns in the coming referendum on changing the voting system used in UK general elections. Bagehot’s key argument is that, rather than engaging with the substantive issues thrown up … Continue reading

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What is Public Opinion?

You’ve never seen it. You can’t touch it. But everyone knows it exists. The very definition of a social construction. One of the biggest weaknesses the study of public opinion has suffered from over the years has been the conflation … Continue reading

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No-One Cares What You Think (and there’s nothing you can do about it)

This is a blog about public opinion. More specifically, it’s about the way public opinion is routinely used, abused, and dismissed by those actors possessing a monopoly over the political and economic power within a society. Whether it is politicians … Continue reading

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