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I'm a PhD Candidate in International Relations at the London School of Economics, writing a thesis on the public debate in Britain before the invasion of Iraq.

No-one cares about mass movements (until they do)

Nick Srnicek, one of my fellow PhD students at the LSE (and contributor to asked on Facebook recently whether there was any good literature out there on why some occupations (for which I am choosing to read mass protest … Continue reading

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No-one cares about the feral youth

So…The good old Daily Mail has the best selection of images and videos that I’ve seen of last night’s trouble invarious parts of London, and other parts of the UK, while some enterprising person has collated a bunch of Youtube … Continue reading

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No one cares about the News of the World

Wow. Shortly after 4pm this afternoon, News International Chairman James Murdoch announced the immediate closure of the News of the World. A campaign launched on Twitter to get major NOTW advertisers to withhold their business from the paper had provided … Continue reading

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No One Cares About Phone Hacking

Perhaps a slightly misleading title, as, apparently, quite a few people DO care. A story which has been rumbling along since 2006, about a private investigator hired by the News of the World to hack into the private mobile phone … Continue reading

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Higher Education Funding 2

I thought it worth updating the last post, with today’s report by the Public Accounts Committee having confirmed that the decision of most universities to charge the maximum tuition fee permissible under the hatchet-job misimplementation of the Browne Report recommendations means … Continue reading

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Higher Education Funding

Some interesting contributions have been made recently to the debate over British higher education funding. Howard Hotson has criticised the use of the US system as an example for Britain to aspire to emulate, and his argument that US universities … Continue reading

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If you don’t vote, no-one cares what you think

Another May, another opportunity not to vote. The No campaign is trying to hustle its supporters to the polling stations by warning that a low turnout makes a Yes result more likely. Maybe. Last-minute polling figures suggest a fairly comfortable … Continue reading

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No-one Cares What You Think About AV (part 3…)

No-one actually cares what the electorate thinks about changing the voting system from FPTP to AV. Only once previously has the UK held a referendum, in 1975 to approve British entry into the then European Economic Community. Conventionally, a referendum … Continue reading

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AV Update

Just a quick update on the referendum. Firstly, impressed to see the No campaign has taken out adverts on the UK polling report website. Secondly, the polls are now showing  the No campaign in the lead, suggesting we’ll be sticking … Continue reading

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Royal Wedding Blues

The Guardian has some interesting poll data relating to the upcoming royal nuptials later this week. Among the headlines are the discovery that 63% of respondents thought the country would be worse off if the monarchy was abolished, and 67% … Continue reading

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